About T.C.

T.C. (Theresa) Dale started out in non-fiction and dark fantasy before realizing erotica is more fun to write.  She draws on her personal experience to craft creative, twisted, boundary-pushing scenarios that surprise as much as they arouse.  Theresa holds a Master’s degree in English from one of the top universities in the world, and her non-fiction work has been published in magazines and books worldwide.

American by birth, Theresa has traveled extensively throughout western Europe and North America, including Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, and Canada. She is happily married to her wife of four years, who likes to help ‘research’ Theresa’s stories.  They own two cats, Delivery and DiGiorno, and together enjoy traveling, cooking, and playful conversations in coffeeshops.

You can find her works published on Amazon and Smashwords. Patreon and SubscribeStar supporters get early access to new works, back catalog, and other fandom perks.

What is ‘Taboo Erotica’?

‘Taboo’ erotica refers to themes, characters, and situations which are commonly regarded as immoral, unethical, and/or illegal.  Examples include themes of incest and pseudo-incest; ‘dubcon’ or dubious consent (consent under duress, manipulation, threat, or false pretenses); non-consent (rape, sleep assault, mindcontrol); and bestiality/inhumans (anything from domestic dogs to shapeshifters to mythical creatures like centaurs and satyrs).  While not all of my stories contain these themes, many do.

Beyond these ‘taboo’ themes, the majority of my stories deal with some sort of power exchange.  ‘Power Exchange’ refers to erotica where there is a power difference between the participants, most commonly in the form of some sort of authority or hierarchy. BDSM, D/s (Domination/submission), teacher/student, and boss/employee are all examples of power-exchange situations. I also enjoy writing hotwife, free use, and other kinkery.

Have You Really…?

Some of the things I write about are immoral and/or illegal; regardless of whether or not I have experience with them, I would be foolish to admit that I did.  That said, I did have my wild youth in my 20s, and still consider myself ‘adventurous’ in my thirties.  My wife and I have a loving and open relationship, and we both enjoy power exchange, roleplay, threesomes, and various other things.  Variety is the spice of life, and I prefer mine piquant.

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