30 January 2019

Once upon a time, a very naughty Miss Santa had two very eager elves to help take care of her package. Pictured from left to right, the Vanderbilt family: Sanneke DeJaegher, Jessica Vanderbilt, Jia Chen. Not pictured: Emily Menton (but you can see her stocking above the fireplace). Artwork courtesy of Dieleth.   Click image…

Iri Gregors - a literal American werewolf in London
4 March 2016

Photoshop for one of my Secret World Illuminati characters; in this case, a literal American Werewolf. Click image to display full-size.

12 January 2016

Kiowa Harper, although she presents as female, is biologically male — and part canine. In this artwork, Kiowa has been convinced by her wife, Alicia, to hold still long enough for Alicia to snap a picture of the Coyote half-undressed, and looking as shy and awkward as usual.

Kiowa Harper in anime style
16 September 2015

Kiowa Harper, a.k.a. Hatsokonayla, a.k.a. Kubakaita, or ‘Laughing Coyote’. A Native American Coyote spirit shapeshifter from the Karankawa tribe of Texas. Although actually male, Kiowa prefers to masquerade as a female to avoid detection. Click image to display full-size.