Yes, I do accept commission requests for writing erotica. There are some stipulations on what I will and will not write, some questions of legality, and (of course) cost and payment.  I limit myself to one commission per month, and I am currently accepting commissions for October 2019.


Legal Considerations:

  1. cannot write sexual content for you if you are under the age of 18.  By contacting me about a commission, you are affirming to me that you are 18 or older.
  2. cannot write sexual content for you that is illegal in your place of residence.  By contacting me about a commission, you are affirming to me that the material you are requesting will be legal for you to view and possess.
  3. I retain all rights to work done under commission, unless we specifically agree otherwise.  This means that I may publish it on my website and I may submit it for publication elsewhere should I desire.  This also means you cannot claim the story is your own work nor can you submit it for publication.  You may post it on social media and other websites so long as it is not modified in any way, my name is clearly stated as the author, and you link back to my website.
  4. If you want a private commission that I do not publish in my portfolio, this will incur a small extra cost (see ‘Pricing Information’ below).


I will not write the following types of content.  There may be other content that I add to this list as I discover it – despite my knowledge, I’m sure there are more kinks out there than I’ve ever dreamed of, some of which I will find objectionable for various reasons.

  • Underage characters (under 18)
  • Real-world people (including celebrities)
  • Scat, vomit, gore, vore, and unbirthing
  • Hardcore non-con

Why not?

  • Writing erotica about underage characters is considered child pornography in most countries (even if the children are fictional), and is very illegal.
  • RL porn skirts on fuzzy issues of consent, and I cannot reliably verify that the real person you’re fantasizing about is okay with being depicted at the center of a gangbang, etc.
  • Scat, gore, etc. are beyond my personal limits of what I find sexy, and I do not think I can describe those things in a realistic, erotic manner.
  • Hardcore non-con means rape scenes where it is very obvious that the victim is in pain, traumatized, and not enjoying themselves at all.  While I write non-con, I favor situations where she (or he) starts to enjoy it, is drugged (and thus unaware/addled), or similar, but not situations where they actively hate every moment of it.  I write erotica, not tortureporn.

If you’re not sure if I’ll write the particular fantasy you have in mind, just ask me.

Things I will write:

  • BDSM & D/s
  • Non-con, dubcon, mind control, and sleep assault
  • Pseudo-incest and incest
  • Transformation and corruption
  • Aliens, furries, monsters, and bestiality
  • Pregnancy and breeding
  • Fan fiction (if I am familiar enough with the fandom)


Pricing Information:

I price commissions by word count. The price includes the actual text (in .epub, .mobi, and .pdf format) and a customized e-book cover image. Shorter pieces are cheaper than longer pieces, for reasons I will detail below.  I cannot promise to come in at an exact word count (e.g. ‘please write exactly 1912 words’), but I will respect the requested range.  All prices are in USD. Page count is based on the Amazon Kindle average of 250-300 words per page.

  • Up to 4000 words (1-20 pages): 3/4 cent per word ($0.0075 x word count; 4000 words is $30)
  • 4001-8000 words (20-30 pages):  1 cent per word ($0.01 x word count; 5000 words is $50.00)
  • 8001-10000 words (30-40 pages):  2 cent per word ($0.02 x word count; 8000 words is $160)
  • More than 10k words:  If you’re serious, we’ll need to negotiate.

If you want a private commission that I do not repost or share on my website, Patreon, SubscribeStar, etc., there will be an additional 15% added to the total price.

I accept payment via Paypal.  I do not accept Zelle.


How To Actually Get a Commission

Contact me and let me know you’d like a commission.  You’ll need to let me know the following:

  • The maximum length of story you’d like
  • A basic idea of the characters you have in mind
  • A loose outline of what you’d like to see happen
  • Any special kinks or emphasis you’d like
  • Anything you definitely don’t want (e.g. ‘no bloodplay’)

For example:

I’d really like a story about an interracial couple in the 1950s whose car breaks down while they’re driving.  Some white guys pull over to help them out, but when they see it’s a black woman with a white man, they make him watch while they gangbang her.  Max 1500 words, please!


I like transformation!  Can you write about a submissive guy whose Mistress can transform him into anything she wants?  Something with horns, and something sissified – so two transformation scenes.  I like it best when he doesn’t want to transform, but realizes later that he really likes his new body and doesn’t want to change back.  Also, I like lots of detail about how the body changes:  seeing the horns sprout, or his dick shrink, etc.  I’m flexible with the length, but I’d like to aim for around 3000-4000.


Once we agree on what you want and the length, you send me 1/2 the estimated payment in advance via PayPal.  I type up the story.  I can’t promise specific deadlines, since that depends on my real life schedule and responsibilities, but I’ll stay in touch with you.  When it’s ready, I’ll send you a sample snippet of about 3 paragraphs as well as the final word count and the remaining cost (the total, minus what you already paid).  You send me the remaining balance, and I’ll send you three versions (.mobi, .epub, and .pdf) of the full work for your enjoyment.


Frequent Questions:

Why does it cost more to do longer stories?

Because longer stories are more work.  The longer a story, the more attention I need to take to crafting characters, plot, continuity, and making it all believable from one scene to another.  It also means more re-reading, editing, and refining, and probably more research (especially if it involves a specific location, kink, etc. that I may not be familiar with).  Shorter stories require a lot less time and effort to do.  A 8000 word story might take me a month or two to write; a 1500 word story might take me three or four days.


I can buy a story on Amazon/Smashwords for a lot less than that!

Yes, you can.  You might even be able to find a story that’s not only published, but contains your particular special kink or character, and is well-written on top of it.  If so, definitely go buy it – I’m all for supporting smut authors!  But if you’re like most people, you’ll never find that magical combination of just the right perversion, characters, and situation that really hits the spot, unless you request it specifically. So this is your chance to get tailor-made porn just for you.


Won’t you just write as many words as possible to drive up the cost?

No.  If you give me an upper limit, I’ll do my damnedest to stay within that, with the understanding that sometimes getting the quality and detail you want might require more words.  But, firstly, I’d be a shit businesswoman if I charged my customers inflated prices, and I wouldn’t get much business.  Secondly, there’s a certain flow and rhythm to every story, and padding it out unnecessarily ruins that flow and makes it a less powerful story in the end.  Thirdly — and selfishly — the less I write, the sooner I’m done, so I have plenty of motivation to do it and move on.


What if I’m close to a price break point?  Like, 4010 words?  Do I have to pay extra for ALL of them?

No.  If I write just over a threshold (less than 100 words), I’ll see if I can edit it down to be under the threshold.  If it comes in significantly over (100-500), I’ll do the first block at the lower price range, and charge the higher fee for that last little section — after informing you and letting you decide whether you’re okay with that.  If you’re not, then I cut a scene or some dialog somewhere, and edit it down again.  You aren’t writing this, after all — I am.  And if you tell me “no more than 5000 words”, then it’s my job as a writer to do no more than 5000 words.


Will you write your original character doing <a scene> for me?

Maybe.  I am protective of my characters, and they have their own particular personalities, kinks, and backgrounds.  If the scene you want them in is something I could see them doing, then absolutely.  If it’s completely out of character for them, I’ll let you know and maybe we can come up with another idea.


Will you write my original character doing <a scene> for me?

Yes!  But you’ll need to give me details on what they look like, what they like, their personality, and similar.  I will warn you in advance that it is very rare that anyone can write a character as well as their creator, so my voice for them might be good, but it will not be perfect.


Will you write this other person’s original character doing <a scene>?

Only if I can get consent from that other person.  You’ll need to provide me with their contact details so I can verify it.


So I’ve got this great idea for a novel…

While I am flattered by the vote of confidence, I will not write your novel for you.  Also, keep in mind that a novel is considered to be at least 40,000 words in length.  Would you really want to pay me that much money and have me put my name on it and get all the credit for your ideas?

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