Writings and artwork on this website often contain material that is sexually explicit or otherwise ‘not safe for work’. All are explicitly labelled at the top of each page as to their content. Please click responsibly.

Original Works

  • Carnal Sin (Free Download) A fan commission work. Angel Saraqael is tasked with keeping both angels and demons alike on a short leash, but demoness Naamah is more than willing to show Sara what it’s like to be on the receiving end.
  • Night Work (Part 1) | (Part 2) | (Part 3)A curious businesswoman discovers more than she bargains for in a building under renovation.
  • Sweeten the DealSanneke visits her CEO wife’s office at work, pretending to be a rival executive. Jessica is more than willing to put her back in her place!
  • IntensitySanneke’s plan was to aggressively seduce her wife, just the way Jess liked. It’s textbook — until Jessica takes control to vent some aggression of her own. Sequel to Sweeten the Deal
  • MaryIsaac has been stalking a woman, since his normal ‘toy’ is out of town. When she works late one night, he makes his move. [Taboo!]
  • De-ExtinctionThe Dire Wolf Project is alive and well at Primal Life Sciences, and newhire Michelle Courtney is about to meet the local alpha male!
  • The White WitchWitchhunter Magdalena has finally tracked down her prey, but the encounter doesn’t go as planned.
  • A Good Girl NowA naughty girl gets trained on how to behave, by the goatish Christmas demon, Krampus.
  • Rules of the Game (Part 1) | (Part 2)Sanneke makes a bet with her personal trainer: if he can get her alone, he can have her. Provided her wife doesn’t find out!
  • RedSometimes the best revenge against your partner is fantasizing about someone else!
  • In My MindA short, stylistic erotica piece, heavy on symbolism and light on ‘graphic detail’.

Erotic Fanfiction

  • Alice’s AceAn unfinished beginning to an erotica based on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.
  • Choosing Sides Jaheira faces a choice when her infidelity is discovered. (Baldur’s Gate)

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