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What is ‘Erotica’?

‘Erotica’ refers to sensual, exciting stories dealing with sexual attraction, tension, and fulfillment.  The line between ‘erotica’ and ‘pornography’ is a subjective one.  In this author’s opinion, ‘erotica’ focuses on the sensuality and artistic description/rendering of an encounter — even if that encounter involves violence or controversial acts — rather than focusing on the performative aspects.  In other words, ‘erotica’ is meant to get you worked up, squirming, and hot and bothered, instead of just getting you off.

What is ‘Taboo Erotica’?

‘Taboo’ erotica refers to themes, characters, and situations which are commonly regarded as immoral, unethical, and/or illegal.  Examples include themes of incest and pseudo-incest; ‘dubcon’ or dubious consent (consent under duress, manipulation, threat, or false pretenses); non-consent (rape, sleep assault, mindcontrol); and bestiality/inhumans (anything from domestic dogs to shapeshifters to mythical creatures like centaurs and satyrs).  While not all of my stories contain these themes, many do.

Beyond these ‘taboo’ themes, the majority of my stories deal with some sort of power exchange.  ‘Power Exchange’ refers to erotica where there is a power difference between the participants, most commonly in the form of some sort of authority or hierarchy. BDSM, D/s (Domination/submission), teacher/student, and boss/employee are all examples of power-exchange situations. I also enjoy writing hotwife, free use, and other kinkery.

Writings and artwork on this website often contain material that is sexually explicit or otherwise ‘not safe for work’. All are explicitly labelled at the top of each page as to their content. Please click responsibly.

Original Works

  • Night Work (Part 2) A curious businesswoman discovers more than she bargains for in a building under renovation.
  • Mary (Part 3) Mary is a very good girl – after Isaac has abused her and groomed her into a willing fuckslave.
  • A Good Girl Now A naughty girl gets trained on how to behave, by the goatish Christmas demon, Krampus.
  • Rules of the Game (Part 1) Sanneke makes a bet with her personal trainer: if he can get her alone, he can have her. Provided her wife doesn’t find out!
  • Night Work (Part 1) A curious businesswoman discovers more than she bargains for in a building under renovation.
  • Mary (Part 2) After how ‘good’ she was the first time, how can Isaac resist a second visit?
  • RedSometimes the best revenge against your partner is fantasizing about someone else!
  • Mary (Part 1) Isaac has been stalking a woman, since his normal ‘toy’ is out of town. When she works late one night, he makes his move.
  • Tell Me MoreJessica demands to know more details of Sanneke’s fantasies, and San is happy to oblige in graphic detail.
  • In My MindA short, stylistic erotica piece, heavy on symbolism and light on ‘graphic detail’.

Erotic Fanfiction

  • Alice’s AceAn unfinished beginning to an erotica based on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.
  • Choosing Sides Jaheira faces a choice when her infidelity is discovered. (Baldur’s Gate)

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