In addition to sexy stories, I occasionally dabble in what I call ‘dark fantasy’. I love seeing what happens when essentially good people are faced with mounting odds and/or a slippery slope. I like seeing the damage that ‘good intentions’ can bring.

Alan Baxter gave a near-perfect definition of ‘dark fantasy’:

[…] a work is dark fantasy if it deals with any elements of fantasy and/or the paranormal in a way that studies the dark and frightening side of our nature, psychology and the weird, sublime and uncanny. If it doesn’t shy away from the gore and horror of its own darkness, yet doesn’t primarily aim to spook. If it has heroes that are not knights in shining armour, but people that sometimes have to do unsavoury things. If it has villains that aren’t necessarily all bad as well as villains that really are all bad. If it’s dark and twisted and delves into the depths of speculative fiction, without primarily aiming to scare or gross out its readers, then it’s dark fantasy.

Original Fiction

  • WhoreSandrijn DeJaegher’s origin story. Contains graphic sexual violence that may be triggering. This is NOT erotica.
  • The Nature of the Dragon (‘Lessons from Guan-Yin’, Part 1) Guan-Yin, Sandrijn’s mentor, explains what it is to be one of the Dragon.
  • The True Face of Anger (‘Lessons from Guan-Yin’, Part 2) Like many things, anger is not always what it seems.
  • Learning (‘Lessons from Guan-Yin’, Part 3) Experience is the best teacher, but sometimes the lessons aren’t as clear.
  • They Always Say That‘They said it wouldn’t hurt…’ Short, pseudo-horror.


My wife is quite the gamer. Through her I’ve learned to love the stories those games tell, and wanted to expound upon them. The majority of my fan fiction is devoted to two franchises: Baldur’s Gate and The Secret World. My fanfiction is written for my own personal enjoyment (and that of my readers) and not for profit.

Baldur’s Gate

  • Crumbling DownA fan novelization of the ‘Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn’ computer game.
  • AfterIn the aftermath of ‘Thone of Bhaal’, Imoen and Viconia carve out a grey existence in a new, harsh world.

The Secret World

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