November Q&A Answers!

Y’all’re a quiet bunch on Patreon, but I actually get a fair amount of interaction through Twitter and email!  Interesting!

Two questions received, two questions answered.  Onward with the interrogation!


Q:  Have you actually done the things you write about?

A:  Some of them!

People usually ask me this about the more ‘taboo’ topics, because it’s titillating.  However, you’ll understand that some of the things I write about are immoral, illegal, or both if they were done in real life.  Obviously I wouldn’t admit to doing such things!  Some other things that aren’timmoral/illegal (like BDSM play, threesomes, etc.), I will admit to on occasion.  However, generally speaking, I don’t market myself based on what I have and haven’t done in real life:   I market myself on how real I can make you believe it is!

There’s two main reasons for this.

The first is personal.  I have an offline life, a day job, etc.  If a jackass ever comes along and doxxes me (that is:  reveals who I am IRL to the larger internet), then my reputation as an erotica writer could have serious negative consequences on my personal and professional connections.  This is especially true if, connected to that, I have admitted, in writing, to doing illegal/immoral things.  Thus:  I don’t!  I neither confirm nor deny, and you’re welcome to imagine whichever answer tickles your fancy the best.

The second reason is because I don’t want you to fantasize about me and what I’ve done.  My stories aren’t about what’s ‘real’, they’re about fantasies:  hot, steamy, amazing fantasies.  If you wanted real life, you’d be paying bills and buying groceries.  Real life can be boring; that’s exactly why we turn to literature (yes, even erotica literature), television, and movies.

Now, yes, much of what I write is informed by my real life experience.  Much of it is based on things I’ve done, seen done, etc.  But how much of it is real, and how much of it is completely invented in the depths of my dirty mind?  In the end, it doesn’t matter.  If it got you off, who cares?


Q:  Why do you write power-exchange and the themes you do?  What is it about them that makes them so appealing?

A:  Oh, god, that’s a good question.  I like the extremes of power exchange, obviously:  someone very obviously controlling, and someone very obviously controlled.  I also like things that veer towards manipulation, taboo, corruption, and humiliation.  Why… hrm…

I think, ultimately, it comes down to a like of transgressing the boundaries of “you aren’t supposed to like that.”  — whether it’s personal transgression (you aren’t supposed to like being humiliated / dehumanized) or social taboo-breaking (you aren’t supposed to cheat on your spouse, or share your wife with other lovers).  I guess I find something innately fascinating/exciting about blurring those boundaries or finding pleasure in something that is forbidden.  That applies not only to the ‘perpetrator’ (the do-er), but also to the ‘recipient’ (the do-ee).  They’re two sides of the same coin, and let you experience the same situation through  a different lens, and different ‘flavors’ of the experience.

Now why I like that “transgression” aspect so much…. I’d probably need a psychological profile done to tell me why I like THAT.

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