October Q&A – Again!

Okay, I realized that my last poll/Q&A was also called ‘October Q&A’, but that’s my bad.  Since the poll/questions were opened in October, these are still October answers, even though they’re in November.  I’ll try to be more consistent going forward!

The poll results were asking primarily to see more about ‘Mary’ (poor girl) and ‘Rules of the Game’ featuring Sanneke and David Zhang.  So you’re getting both of those this month.  ‘Mary’ (Part Two) has already been posted, and ‘Rules of the Game’ part two will be coming out next week.  Enjoy!

Q&A Answers!

My, my, you all aren’t terribly curious yet!  I’ll have to invent a few more questions this month.  However, Helen first!

Helen asked:

Q:  What is the nature of Sanneke and Jessica’s relationship? My experience with poly relations is very, very limited so I’m not quite sure I understand what’s going on between them – they’re both married, but free to follow their loins, knowing they’ll come back to one another at the end of the day?

A:  Essentially, yes!  So.  Sanneke and Jessica are a married, polyamorous, D/s couple.  Jessica is not only Sanneke’s legal wife but also her Dominant, and likewise Sanneke is not only Jessica’s spouse but also her submissive.  Both of them like to — and are free to — explore sexual relationships outside of their marriage, within certain boundaries.

Jessica has given Sanneke a more-or-less blanket permission to do what she wants, with a few rules:  first, no one can Dominate Sanneke except Jessica; and second, Sanneke has to give Jessica all the details within 48 hours of an encounter.  There’s kind of an unspoken/understood rule that Sanneke knows Jessica’s general emotional landscape, values, etc., and will not hook up with someone — or in such a way — that it’s likely to upset Jessica.  Respect and communication is the key.  Even despite this, Jessica has a very possessive, jealous streak to her and is often prone to react to her wife’s infidelity in that sort of way.  But a round of “You’re mine and you’d better scream it” is a win-win on both sides!

Jessica, as the Dominant partner, has no such ‘rules’ in place.  She doesn’t need Sanneke’s permission for anything.  However, Sanneke is nothing if not strongwilled, and they’ve had some fights over that in the past.  Jessica acknowledges — and actively tries — to at least inform Sanneke in advance of any ‘spending the night’ with another woman.  It’s not “asking permission” so much as “I’m not going to be home tonight; love you” to show that she’s thinking of her wife even while she’s out having fun.

Q:  Where do you get the ideas for your characters?

A:  Well, I’ll be honest:  some of them are original, and some of them aren’t.  Sanneke, Isaac, James (whom you haven’t met yet), and several others, are original characters.  Each one has a particular backstory of their creation that would need to be addressed individually.  For instance, Sanneke was created specifically to be a very normal Belgian adult female, and most of her characteristics — down to her height, hair color, and eye color — are based on that principle.  Isaac was created to be a supernatural predator, and went through a few variations (an incubus, a shadow-demon, etc.) before settling on a type of naga.

So, I suppose it could be said that I create characters for a function or to fulfill a role.  Those seem to be my best characters, at least.  I’ve had others that grew organically out of roleplay (Timra, if you ever meet her), or as based on character concepts or mental snippets that just sounded cool, although sometimes I don’t find stories that go well with them.  (Like Havoc and Prophet, if you ever meet them.)

Speaking of roleplay — some characters aren’t actually mine.  Jessica is not my creation!  Neither is David Zhang.  I’m also a roleplayer, and Jessica and Zhang are creations of two of my long-time roleplay partners, who have specifically granted me free and full usage of their characters to include in my writings as I see fit.  When I use characters like that, I only use them if that permission has been granted.  This doesn’t mean that everything that happens is based off roleplay, though.  Example, the entire arc of ‘Rules of the Game’ was never done in roleplay at all; it’s a completely original story.

Q:  Are there female naga?  Do they also engage in harem-building and hunting?

There are!  They are rare; the gender ratio among naga is around 10:1 (for every ten males, approximately 1 female is born).  However, the death rate for male naga is much higher due to their higher-risk behaviour (that harem-building and hunting) and territorial instinct.  By the time they reach early-to-mid adulthood, the ratio has dropped down to about 5:1.  Still, that’s not great odds when you’re a male naga looking for a female.  You’re an endangered species to begin with, and females are even rarer and harder to find.

Which is part of the reason male naga build harems.  They can — and often do — breed with human females.  However, they also build harems… in order to attract female naga, who do not build harems of their own (not even harems of human males).  Females do hunt, and fuck (!), but they do not ‘collect’.

“But Taig, why would they be attracted to harems, but not build their own?”  I’ll save that for future fiction, or future Q&As.

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