Official Patreon Launch, & October Q&A!

Three big announcements today on the pipeline:

First, and most importantly, is that today is my official Patreon launch day.  All the kinks issues starting up have been ironed out, and things have been running smoothly since my soft launch back in September.  So now it’s time to start advertising to the world, and see if the world likes what they see!

I don’t write as a job, so this is not my sole income.  However it’s always nice to receive kudos for the things that I write, whether that’s in the form of ‘Likes’, comments, or money.  If you’re a fan and you can afford to to pledge a few dollars a month, Patrons get extra perks and input on the stories and characters they want to see.   If you’re a fan and can’t afford to pledge, just drop me a line or a comment telling me you enjoy my work!  I love that kind of support, too!

Open for everyone to read is the October Q&A Answers!   October’s answers highlight some of the authors which have influenced and made an impression on my style (erotic and non), as well as introducing some basics of the Modern Gods setting (and how it differs from The Secret World, especially considering the crossover of a few characters), and teaches you a little about the naga hunters (whom you meet in the non-con story ‘Mary‘).

Lastly, since my soft launch reached my first Patreon goal of $25/month, I opened a poll for Patrons to determine what bonus story I would be writing.  The winning choices are something involving consensual kink, magic/sorcery, and either a f/f pairing or a trio of some kind.  I still need to rack my dirty little brain for some specifics on where to go from there, but my goal is to have the reward story published on Halloween!

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