10 June 2018

The golem charged forward, barrel past everyone in its path, its roar of fury echoing through the entire facility. Dellen and Sanneke were thrown side, each colliding with the Containment Unit walls and slumping down, breathless and beaten. The door to the Faraday cage shattered. It was inside. “BREAK IT! NOW!” Sandrijn’s command was sharp,…

25 April 2018

The offices in the Cerberus Solutions were dark at this time of night. The Christmas shutdown had sent everyone home, to friends or family or favorite bars — somewhere warm, somewhere familiar, somewhere welcoming, for those employees who had one. A few people didn’t have that luxury: the cleaning crew were still here, making one…

Iri Gregors - a literal American werewolf in London
4 March 2016

Photoshop for one of my Secret World Illuminati characters; in this case, a literal American Werewolf. Click image to display full-size.

Hashimoto full-body photomanipulation
7 July 2013

A Photoshop composite of several different images, based off an original Prince of Persia artwork that, of course, I can’t find to link to anymore. Click image to display full-size.

Hashimoto ('Aliloquy') by Mokwai, version 3
4 May 2013

An old, now-deleted character, painted by former cabalmate Mokwai. Although Hashimoto was supposed to be very androgynous / masculine in appearance, Mokwai painted how Aliloquy ‘felt’ to them instead, based on RP and stories. Click image to display full-size.