The Author as a Political Being

I know lately, for some unfathomable reason, I’ve been rather vocal about the political landscape out there, particularly in the USA. I know some people dislike that. After all, I am a smut author. No one follows me or engages me because they’re expecting insightful legal commentary, or deep explorations of sociological issues. They follow me because I write deliciously hot sex, often taboo and titillating. I tread ground that many other erotica authors won’t touch, such as fantasies of non-consent, bestiality, and incest. That’s my niche — not politics.

Nonetheless, I am unapologetic about my views and voicing them, and this is why: I am not an apolitical being. My very existence is political. I am a political, religious, and sociological minority, as a non-Christian, progressive, LGBT American. Every day, politics impacts my life, and the lives of my fellow minorities. When I was younger, I believed that politics were something that occurred in special buildings, by special people, and that were ultimately irrelevant to me. I believed that nothing I could do would effect those politics, and that only rarely did the decisions of lawmakers and policymakers effect me. However, that isn’t true. The Conservative attempts to enshrine ‘religious liberty’ in employment laws, effect me: it enables employers to discriminate against me in hiring, firing, and in healthcare, because they do not think I am as ‘worthwhile’ as a Christian or cis-het individual. Women’s rights restrictions effect my healthcare and decisions over my body, in ways that are not forced upon males. ‘Defense of marriage’ laws restrict the legal and social recognition of my commitments with my loved ones, and how (and whether!) we can care for each other and protect each other as partners (and as survivors, should one of us pass away). Student debt, lack of universal healthcare, internet censorship, capitalist monopolies, lack of employee protections — all of it effects me.

More specifically: the increase in intimidation, discrimination, hatred, and literal violence in America in the last four years effects me. It effects me every single day in how safe I feel, what laws may be passed, and whether I and those like me will have a future in this country.

Even as an erotica writer, politics effect me. The ever-present and ever-growing restrictions on adult materials — SESTA/FOSTA and similar legislation, which have inspired crackdowns on pornographic material on Tumblr, Patreon, etc. — restrict my ability to advertise, distribute, and sell my work. These laws endanger consensual adult enjoyment of sexual fantasies, activities, and art. Under the guise of ‘protecting children’ or ‘promoting morality’, it drives sex workers into more marginalized and dangerous venues. Cambion and I have had more than one discussion about what will happen to Sinspirational Games should Patreon, Twitter, or others de-platform us, and Cambion (bless his heart) has to rein me in somewhat regularly to make sure my side of Paradise Heights steers clear of anything “too” dark or taboo that may paint a target on our back. We’ve even had conversations about the difficulty of producing smut when the current political environment is anything but sexy.

I do keep some venues free of my political harpings. The shared Sinspirational Games Twitter account remains free of my rants and focused purely on erotic material. We all need our escape from reality: a place we can go to have a break from the anxiety and stress of the real world. I hope those who follow my main Twitter account understand, though, that I do not live in a lovely world of constant climax-laden fantasies, and I cannot and will not pretend that what happens ‘out there’ only effects ‘out there’.

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