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Whether you're curious about erotic roleplay or hoping to refine your technique, The Beginner's Guide to Erotic Roleplay leads you through a frank and light-hearted discussion about how to get your fantasy freak on in today's modern multiplayer games. 
Saraqael is a Dominion: an angel charged with punishing those of lesser But when Sara finds Naamah, patroness of prostitutes, in the shadows of a Catholic church, it is the gender-bending succubus who ends up on top!
The angel Saraqael and her succubus lover play hide and seek during Venetian Carnevale, and to the winner go the spoils. The City of Masks promises that there is always someone watching... and just maybe, someone ready to join in.…
Sanneke's plan was to aggressively seduce her wife, just the way Jess liked. It's textbook -- until Jessica takes control to vent some aggression of her own.
A tattoo appointment turns into a lesson in humility when a spoiled, pretty blond shows up at an inner-city studio and gets gangbanged by three men way below her league.
Sanneke is a tempest and a temptress, used to getting her way. After a night out ends on a sour note, she gets revenge in a uniquely 'her' manner: recording herself while she fantasizes about someone else!
Emily loves her Mistress, but a girl does have needs. When her Mistress cancels their weekend plans, Emily turns to the local sex club -- and the men in it -- to give her the release she craves.
A simple mistake ends with shy good-girl Lily Barnes meeting a strange young man in a stairwell after-hours. He calls her 'Seven', and sends Lily down a rabbit hole of sexual exploration and degradation.
Sanneke shows up at her wife's business, masquerading as a rival executive. A hostile takeover is on the table, and Jessica is willing to negotiate -- but only if her 'rival' is part of the package!
Witch hunter Magdalena has tracked the White Witch of Bassenthwaite over the English countryside. Now she has trapped Lucita in an abandoned mansion -- or has Lucita trapped her instead?

A shot of something harder...

The Dire Wolf Project is alive and well at Primal Life Sciences, and new-hire Michelle Courtney is about to meet the local alpha male!
Good girls get presents from Santa. Naughty girls get coal. VERY naughty girls get a visit from Krampus, and are bred hard until they learn to obey!
Anna knows her father likes her videos -- but never suspected how much, until she catches him in the act!
Isaac is shapeshifter with a venomous, mind-altering bite. Mary McKennon is about to learn the dangers of working alone at night, and that what Isaac wants, Isaac gets.
Imoen escaped the orcs, but not before they'd done their worst.  Now, months later, the memories come back every night -- and she's starting to enjoy them.
Cleopatra and her daughters host an orgy of taboo pleasure to celebrate Wepet Renpet, the Ancient Egyptian New Year. It is a time of adoration and excess, where noblewomen and slaves alike indulge in limitless debauchery.