Mary (Part 2)

5 November 2018

The second time, Isaac did follow her through the parking garage. After he had pinned her in the bathroom, the young blond had crossed his mind more than once in idle thought. Sarah — his normal toy — wouldn’t be back in the city for another two weeks, and that meant a lot of nights alone. He didn’t like spending nights alone.

He didn’t know this one’s name yet. He didn’t know whether she had really counted all the way to three hundred, or whether she had called the cops. He did know, though, that she would be more paranoid now, and more careful of her movements. She probably also assumed that, like lightning, he wouldn’t strike twice.

He caught her with her key in the car door and locked his hand over her mouth to stifle her scream. It didn’t take much force for his fangs to break skin. They were slender and semi-hollow, normally sheathed in his gums just above his incisors. Fully extended they were only an inch long, but it was all he needed. Naga venom was a potent, near-instant cocktail that subdued rather than killed, refined by millennia of evolution.

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