The most common question I get is, “What is ‘dark fantasy’?” Nota bene: If you’re wondering what ‘erotica’ is, you shouldn’t be on this website.

Writings and artwork on this website often contains material that is graphic, violent, sexual, or otherwise ‘not safe for work’. Please click responsibly.

I update frequently. My Patreon supporters get early access to stories before they are posted to this website, and the harder and more taboo erotica are only accessible to my Patreon Loyalists and above. If you like my work and want to see more of it, please consider supporting me. If a monthly donation isn’t your cup of tea, you can buy me a coffee instead.

Original Works

  • Alice’s Ace

    An unfinished beginning to an erotica based on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

  • In My Mind

    A short, stylistic erotica piece, heavy on symbolism and light on ‘graphic detail’.

  • They Always Say That

    They said it wouldn’t hurt… Short, pseudo-horror.

Fan Fiction

The majority of my fan fiction is devoted to two franchises: The Forgotten Realms setting by Wizards of the Coast (specifically, I’m in love with Baldur’s Gate), and The Secret World by Funcom. I have Ye Olde Standarde Disclaimer (which I’m told is legally pointless).

Forgotten Realms

  • Crumbling Down

    A fan novelization of the Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn computer game, based on the Imoen Romance modification by Lord Mirrabbo.

  • After

    In the aftermath of Thone of Bhaal, Imoen and Viconia carve out a grey existence in a new, harsh world.

  • Challenge

    Viconia challenges Nalia to a more interest wager on a standard game of cards.

  • Bittersweet

    During a night of relaxation in Saradush, Imoen comes to a bittersweet realization about a friend. Originally a fic challenge to incorporate song lyrics into a piece.

  • Choosing Sides [Erotica]

    Jaheira faces a choice when her infidelity is discovered.

The Secret World

  • Whore

    Sandrijn DeJaegher’s origin story. Contains graphic sexual violence that may be triggering. This is not erotica.

  • The Nature of the Dragon (Lessons from Guan-Yin)

    Guan-Yin, Sandrijn’s mentor, explains what it is to be one of the Dragon.

  • The True Face of Anger (Lessons from Guan-Yin)

    Like many things, anger is not always what it seems.

  • Learning (Lessons from Guan-Yin)

    Experience is the best teacher, but sometimes the lessons aren’t as clear.

  • Changing the Game

    Sometimes you have to lose your battles to win the war.

  • Can I Sleep With You Tonight?

    The origin story of Pazuzu, an… unconventional artificial intelligence.

  • A First Christmas

    Pazuzu’s first Christmas, albeit it in virtual reality.

  • Things My Father Told Me

    Kiowa rarely talks about who she — or he — used to be, but some traditions should never be broken.

Writings and artwork on this website may contain material that is graphic, violent, sexual, or otherwise 'not safe for work'.