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'A Good Girl Now' book cover
Title: A Good Girl Now
Release Date: July 2019
Genre: Taboo Erotica
Pages: 15
ISBN13: 9780463998410
Content Flags: DubConMonsterPregnancyRough Sex

Good girls get presents from Santa. Naughty girls get coal. VERY naughty girls get a visit from Krampus, and are bred hard until they learn to obey!

I was on my knees right now, looking up at him. Powerful, shaggy-haired hircine legs – goat legs – that tapered down to large and heavy cloven hooves. From the waist up, he took on a more human appearance. A thick and well-muscled stomach supported a surprisingly broad chest. That was hairy, too, speckled with long, coarse fibers of musky brown pelt, under which dark skin showed through. His face was mostly human, though angular and sharp. What twisted it into 'alien other' were his yellow eyes, slit from side to side with horizontal black pupils. And the horns. Huge, ribbed, curving horns. Ever seen a picture of Satan? With the goat legs and all? Yeah. Like that.

There was one more part of him front and center of my attention. It was also huge, ribbed, and curved. And red: bright, vibrant red, jutting out of the mass of dark fur between his thighs. It used to disgust me, but now I ran my hands over his furred thighs as I stared up at him. He bared his fangs in what passed for a smile when my fingertips curled under his balls. Each one individually was big enough to fit comfortably in my palm. I'd learned to like those, too.