Taig C. Dale

You write so beautifully; the inside of your mind must be a terrible place.

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Night Work

I suppose, like for a lot of women, Fifty Shades of Grey introduced me to the world of kink. From there I ground — no pun intended — my way through Twilight, thinking that anything that popular had to be good. I was wrong. Later I graduated to A. N. Roquelaure and The Claiming of […]

Parking Garage Pillars

Mary (Part 2)

Isaac is a naga: a supernatural, serpentine shapeshifter who hunts among humankind — both for food and for sex. When his favored toy is out of town, he stalks a blond businesswoman as a temporary replacement. Part 2 of 3.



ilu The word — the message — lit up Sanneke’s phone screen as she lay on the sofa in her bright red night robe, a matching brassiere underneath. The hue matched her tshirt from earlier that night in the Avalache, long since discarded, along with the designer-destressed rocker jeans. It matched her lipstick, still painted […]


Tell Me More

“Tell me more about how it feels when I pin you down and cum inside,” Jessica demanded. Sanneke switched the phone to her other ear, the edge of one canine catching her lip. Her wife had a particular heat in her tone that was oh so familiar. “It’s best when we fight,” she answered in […]


Official Patreon Launch, & October Q&A!

Three big announcements today on the pipeline: First, and most importantly, is that today is my official Patreon launch day.  All the kinks issues starting up have been ironed out, and things have been running smoothly since my soft launch back in September.  So now it’s time to start advertising to the world, and see if […]


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