Taig C. Dale

You write so beautifully; the inside of your mind must be a terrible place.

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Official Patreon Launch, & October Q&A!

Three big announcements today on the pipeline: First, and most importantly, is that today is my official Patreon launch day.  All the kinks issues starting up have been ironed out, and things have been running smoothly since my soft launch back in September.  So now it’s time to start advertising to the world, and see if […]


Mary (Part 1)

Isaac is a naga: a supernatural, serpentine shapeshifter who hunts among humankind — both for food and for sex. When his favored toy is out of town, he stalks a blond businesswoman as a temporary replacement.


You Know You’re Famous When Your Website’s Hacked

I wish that headline were true. In all fairness, it’s half-true. This past weekend was, in fact, the first time in my life that I’ve had a website of mine hacked. It does not, however, mean that I’m famous. Long story short, when I logged in to my website on Sunday to check a few […]


Eroticizing Rape

I write rape. I write a lot of other things, too. I write erotica that’s playful, teasing, sweet, and sexy; I write hot BDSM and Domination that’s either safe, sane, and consensual or at least ‘risk-aware kink’, depending on your flavor. But I also write rape, and it’s the non-consensual subject matter that — rightfully […]



I came home and found the note. ‘Home’, then, was Guan-Yin’s apartment, one of several she had, this one near Schaarbeek in Brussels. The note was in her writing. All it was was an address. No instructions. No signature. Just an address, near Brussels Noord. I recognized the street; it was in the roze wijk, […]


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