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'Carnal Sins' book cover
Title: Carnal Sin
Release Date: July 2019
Genre: Erotica, Free To Read
Pages: 19
ISBN13: 9780463387146
Content Flags: LesbianParanormal

Saraqael is a Dominion: an angel charged with punishing those of lesser But when Sara finds Naamah, patroness of prostitutes, in the shadows of a Catholic church, it is the gender-bending succubus who ends up on top!

“You–” Her breath caught as she felt Naamah’s breasts push against her shoulders. She closed her eyes as she gathered her bearing again. “You are a sinner, Naamah. Worse than Rahab or Rosier. It is my purpose as a Dominion to punish you. To drive out your corruption.”

“Is that what you were doing? Redeeming me while I was on all fours?”

Naamah’s touch slid over Sara’s rear and descended to explore between her thighs. The angel’s wings twitched in response and started to spread; Naamah pushed herself more firmly against Sara’s back to stop them. The weight of her pressure made Sara lean forward, and the angel braced herself, arms out straight, to keep from being bent over the altar.

“Perhaps you need some ‘redemption’,” the demoness murmured as she ground her hips against her companion and leaned in to lick her ear. Her silver tongue was razor sharp, and the sudden pain made the other woman gasp. “Shall I purify you, Saraqael? Make you scream your sins?”