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'Carnevale' Book Cover
Title: Carnevale
Release Date: December 2019
Genre: Erotica, Free To Read
Pages: 30
ISBN13: 9780463588260
Content Flags: LesbianParanormalPublic Sex

The angel Saraqael and her succubus lover play hide and seek during Venetian Carnevale, and to the winner go the spoils. The City of Masks promises that there is always someone watching... and just maybe, someone ready to join in. Sequel to Carnal Sin.

“You’re cruel,” Sara accused her, voice weak and planative. Both her arms now encircled the dark woman’s waist, clinging tighter the more her legs trembled. She’d spread them wider still, and now stood exposed and unsteady for anything Naamah wanted. Only the sheer volume of her elaborate dress hid the lascivious display. “You torture me!”

“You love it. You’re dripping.”

The hot, shivering breath against Naamah’s neck told the truth of it. Around them the shouts and cheers grew in volume as the faux angel above touched her toes to the ground. No one paid mind to the strangely stoic pair who watched in silence… nor noticed the small spasms and panting breath they shared.