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Title: Lily
Release Date: 29 November 2022
Genre: Erotica
Pages: 26
ISBN13: 9781005452971
Content Flags: DubConGroup Sex

A tattoo appointment turns into a lesson in humility when a spoiled, pretty blond shows up at an inner-city studio and gets gangbanged by three men way below her league.

She hadn’t screamed. She had meant to scream, or at least yell at him, but it was so quiet and so tense in the room, so taut with building anticipation, that she couldn’t bring herself to do it.

If she screamed, they might stop.

Instead her breath caught in her chest as she heard the click- clack of a belt buckle and the slow sound of a zipper being undone. The otherwise silent room magnified everything; she could hear the way his – their – breath shifted, and the squeak of a sneaker on the floor. The rustle of cloth as he... did something. Her mind filled in the lurid image of Rob pulling his cock out over his boxer waistband: a wrinkled, sagging thing past its prime, just like he was.