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'Red' Book Cover
Title: Red
Release Date: July 2019
Genre: Erotica
Pages: 10
ISBN13: 9780463152669
Content Flags: Public Sex

Sanneke is a tempest and a temptress, used to getting her way. After a night out ends on a sour note, she gets revenge in a uniquely 'her' manner: recording herself while she fantasizes about someone else!

The only warning was a vicious tightening of his hand in her mane before he rammed into her. In her apartment, the cameras watched as her fingers thrust home and a strangled cry escaped her lips; her body clenched and tensed, loving and hating the hurt in equal measure. It was something she'd never been able to separate: pain from pleasure, power from passion. He switched his hand to the back of her neck; she switched hers to the front of her throat. She cut off her own air as her fingers penetrated and withdrew in a rough, staccato rhythm. The heel of her hand ground into her clit as she fucked herself. The timer on the recording counted upwards,
committing the moans and whispered yes oh yes nngh fuckyesplease to memory.