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'Release' Book Cover
Title: Release
Release Date: October 2019
Genre: Erotica, Free To Read
Pages: 15
Content Flags: D/sGroup SexPublic Sex

Emily loves her Mistress, but a girl does have needs. When her Mistress cancels their weekend plans, Emily turns to the local sex club -- and the men in it -- to give her the release she craves.

The men crowded in close, each jacking himself off while they waited their turn. She went from shaft to shaft, only a few seconds on each one: long enough to taste the musk across her tongue and try to take the tip as deep as possible. Two hands, one mouth, but four hard and ready erections. The closer they clustered around her, the more her world narrowed down to whichever cock was nearest or next. The odor of masculine musk filled her nose, layered with the chaotic sweetness of cologne and body spray. It was easier to tell them apart by their members than their faces. Emily moved around the circle sucking everything that was offered to her.