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Title: Royal Privilege
Release Date: 28 December 2022
Genre: Taboo Erotica
Pages: 80
ISBN13: 9781005904395
Content Flags: ViolenceNonConIncestBestialityPregnancyLesbianGroup Sex

Cleopatra and her daughters host an orgy of taboo pleasure to celebrate Wepet Renpet, the Ancient Egyptian New Year. It is a time of adoration and excess, where noblewomen and slaves alike indulge in limitless debauchery.

“Don’t stop! You don’t get to stop, darling. You don’t get to stop until every woman and beast in this room has had a turn with you. They may bow at your feet the rest of the year, but tonight you are their toy!”

The words made Emeshati’s inner walls clench tight. Her moan vibrated through her mother’s clit. The whispered words were the first swirling currents of a maelstrom that tightened, twisted, and quickened with every heartbeat. The squeeze of her cunt drove Abutu to redouble his efforts on her back. Red parallel lines etched her skin where his blunt claws had raked in his attempts to stay in position, and by now the slap and squish came at such a frenzied pace that even those nearby turned to pay attention. Soon his high-pitched whines began to echo Emeshati’s own.

The slapping stopped, and Emeshati sucked in a sharp and shuddering breath heavy with her mother’s muck. The same breath came out in a squeal as the hound’s knot forced open her cunt and sank deep into her sex. The swollen bulb stretched her in ways no human man ever could, and it plugged her tight as his cock pulsed, throbbed, and began to fill her with canine cum.