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'Sweeten the Deal' Book Cover
Title: Sweeten the Deal
Series: Sanneke & Jessica #1
Release Date: August 2019
Genre: Erotica
Pages: 24
ISBN13: 9780463640043
Content Flags: NoneD/sRough SexLesbian

Sanneke shows up at her wife's business, masquerading as a rival executive. A hostile takeover is on the table, and Jessica is willing to negotiate -- but only if her 'rival' is part of the package!

Melissa’s breathy laugh was cut short. She was mostly upright until suddenly she wasn’t, and with a heavy thud and an oof of breath, she was re-introduced to the top of Jessica’s desk. Another trio of items tumbled to the floor. She struggled to right herself again, more sincerely this time. Jessica’s other hand shoved its way between her thighs, and Melissa gasped in a mix of surprise and satisfaction.

"Is this… how you handle… all your contracts?" she managed, licking her lips as the CEO tugged and wrestled with her quickly dampening panties.

"Only the ones I like," Jessica retorted.

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