The White Witch
Erotica , Writing / 12 December 2018

“Lucita!” The call of challenge echoed through the empty foyer as Magdalena stopped at the foot of the grand staircase. There was no response; the mansion stayed as quiet as the grave. Had she not tracked the sorceress to its front gates, she would have believed it an abandoned estate; and were it not for the dim and ghostly flicker of the candle sconces atop the stairs, she would have believed it uninhabited still. “Lucita! Show yourself!” A flicker of wind curled across the upper level, carrying on it a breath of laughter. The flames of the candles shivered in answer, and the hair at the nape of her neck prickled. A leather-gloved hand came to rest upon the red oak banister, and her boot took the first step. Her other hand tightened around the hilt of her blade.  She cursed herself for wearing her cloak.  It tugged and fluttered weakly as she moved: a whisper of movement that nagged at the edge of her vision. She should have borne the cold without it, discomfort be damned. The hunter’s steps carried her up the stairs; her brown eyes scanned the barely-lit walls for any hint of life. Once at the…

November Q&A Answers!
Blog / 12 December 2018

Y’all’re a quiet bunch on Patreon, but I actually get a fair amount of interaction through Twitter and email!  Interesting! Two questions received, two questions answered.  Onward with the interrogation!   Q:  Have you actually done the things you write about? A:  Some of them! People usually ask me this about the more ‘taboo’ topics, because it’s titillating.  However, you’ll understand that some of the things I write about are immoral, illegal, or both if they were done in real life.  Obviously I wouldn’t admit to doing such things!  Some other things that aren’timmoral/illegal (like BDSM play, threesomes, etc.), I will admit to on occasion.  However, generally speaking, I don’t market myself based on what I have and haven’t done in real life:   I market myself on how real I can make you believe it is! There’s two main reasons for this. The first is personal.  I have an offline life, a day job, etc.  If a jackass ever comes along and doxxes me (that is:  reveals who I am IRL to the larger internet), then my reputation as an erotica writer could have serious negative consequences on my personal and professional connections.  This is especially true if, connected to…

A Good Girl Now
Erotica , Writing / 5 December 2018

I was late. Not, you know, late: I’d been on the pill for two years; I wasn’t stupid. But I was late for curfew — again — because I was an adult and too old to have a curfew, no matter what my parents said. “It’s a school night, Kenzie.” “It’s not safe, Kenzie.” “Sleep is important, Kenzie.” What-fucking-ever. It’s not like I didn’t get good grades; I wasn’t into drugs or anything. I had some beers when I went out sometimes, and I’d toke a joint if people were sharing. Not like it was the end of the world. So I was late. Ten o’clock curfew, and I hadn’t even left the party until after midnight. It was close to two a.m. by the time Jason dropped me off home. I kissed him goodnight and hinted we’d hook up that weekend. He drove off before I got back into the house. Not very gentlemanly, but I wasn’t dating him for his manners. Mom and Dad had already turned off the porch light. I mounted the steps anyways, and eyed the doorknob with my lips pursed before grasping it and giving it a turn. Locked. I had a key for…

October Q&A – Again!
Blog / 3 December 2018

Okay, I realized that my last poll/Q&A was also called ‘October Q&A’, but that’s my bad.  Since the poll/questions were opened in October, these are still October answers, even though they’re in November.  I’ll try to be more consistent going forward! The poll results were asking primarily to see more about ‘Mary’ (poor girl) and ‘Rules of the Game’ featuring Sanneke and David Zhang.  So you’re getting both of those this month.  ‘Mary’ (Part Two) has already been posted, and ‘Rules of the Game’ part two will be coming out next week.  Enjoy! Q&A Answers! My, my, you all aren’t terribly curious yet!  I’ll have to invent a few more questions this month.  However, Helen first! Helen asked: Q:  What is the nature of Sanneke and Jessica’s relationship? My experience with poly relations is very, very limited so I’m not quite sure I understand what’s going on between them – they’re both married, but free to follow their loins, knowing they’ll come back to one another at the end of the day? A:  Essentially, yes!  So.  Sanneke and Jessica are a married, polyamorous, D/s couple.  Jessica is not only Sanneke’s legal wife but also her Dominant, and likewise Sanneke is…

Rules of the Game (Part One)
Erotica , Writing / 24 November 2018

David Zhang was a well-built man of Chinese ancestry, with emphasis on the ‘built’. Just shy of 5’7”, he was short by Western standards but his muscles made him anything but small. Life on Christmas Island had been good to him, and daily routines of jogging, weight lifting, and physical labor had transformed the once-average man into an impressive chiseled physique. Jia had jokingly once referred to him as China’s answer to Captain America, and the analogy was definitely apt. He grinned at her with that boyish smile as he circled her, both hands raised in a loose fighter’s stance. Every time he threw a punch those muscles tensed and flexed, and the lines of his biceps, triceps, and pecs looked like they were carved in marble. He was shirtless and sweating, which gave Sanneke not only a beautiful view of every ‘can’ of his six-pack abs but also highlighted the dips and curves of his body with a shimmer of exertion. It made it hard for her to concentrate. He threw a left hook at her head, and she ducked out of the way before jabbing a quick one-two at his stomach. It was like hitting a steel door….