Carnal Sin (Commission)
Erotica , Original Fiction , Writing / 27 May 2019

The following piece was written as a paid commission by a wonderful fan who has requested to stay anonymous. They loved the final result, and I hope you do, too! Sin seems to be in style lately. Statues of the saints loomed in the darkness like silent watchmen as Saraqael drifted between them. Their pious expressions were upturned towards the Heavens, or bowed in humble respect. Had they been able to truly lay eyes on the angel that walked the aisles, whose sunlight aura illuminated the mute martyrs, they would have fallen to their knees in terrified awe. She paused betwixt Saint Sebastian, who cured the plague, and Saint Dymphna, patron of the fearful. Tilting her head, she could see the sanctuary in the gloom beyond. The altar was a large and intricate thing made of wood and marble; the soft radiance of its blessing was visible in her sight. Now and then it flickered and dimmed; this was a troubled church. The source of that trouble, she had no doubt, was the figure standing behind the altar. Just as the sacred stone glowed with holy light, the being behind it bathed in profane darkness. Above and behind it, surrounded…

Night Work (Part 3)
Erotica , Original Fiction , Writing / 23 March 2019

I made it as far as the nearest bathroom that night, before I stopped and rubbed myself to a quick, shuddering climax in an empty stall. The drive home was a blur, and I came twice more on my couch, my head tilted back, eyes closed, mouth open, re-living how he’d thrusted deep into the back of my throat and the crude words he’d whispered. I fell asleep in a cum-and-contentment coma that lasted until nearly eight o’clock the next morning. That was Saturday. By Sunday morning the high had worn off, and by Sunday evening my elation had fallen into worry that bordered on despair. The encounter still played through my thoughts, but now shame hung heavy over the recollection. I’d let a complete stranger just… fuck my mouth like he owned me. Cumslut. Cocksleeve. In the moment, the names had fanned the fantasy with delicious heat. Now they hit me like poisoned darts. I felt dirty. What if he’d had an STD? What if I saw him again? What if someone had seen, and I lost my job? My stomach was in knots that night, as I faced going back to work Monday morning. Self-love vied with self-loathing….

Heavy Sleeper (‘The Normands’, Pt. 1)
Erotica , Taboo Erotica , Writing / 18 March 2019

It wasn’t unusual for Madison and him to share the bed.   His marriage to Amelia had ended in a bitter, messy feud fueled by screaming, slammed doors, and insults hurled alongside coffee cups and picture frames.  The court had sided with James and awarded him both full custody and a restraining order, citing Amelia’s history of verbal abuse and physical aggression.  Madison had only been nine at the time, and she’d had nightmares for nearly a year afterwards. Night after night she’d wake up crying. Sometimes she’d wander into her father’s room and crawl into bed to sob herself to sleep against his chest.  Sometimes he’d go to her room and sooth her back to sleep with a litany of shh shh, Daddy’s here, it’s okay and hummed lullabies that faded when he dozed off, too. Life as a single father hadn’t been as bad as he’d feared.  Maddie was a bright girl, mature for her age, and — thank God — well-behaved.  Emotional counseling had helped both of them adjust to new routines and new reality, and eventually her nightmares became less frequent and less traumatic.  The older Madison got, the less often she needed the comfort, but…

Night Work (Part Two)
Erotica , Writing / 30 January 2019

I went back the next morning. I had to; I needed those records. It had nothing to do with how everything had played itself through my head in echo that night, or how I’d lain awake long after cumming, wondering what would have happened ‘if’. If I’d come to the stairwell a few minutes earlier, or a few minutes later. If I had dared to go down another level. If I’d seen them. If they’d seen me. Regardless – I needed those records. I had a job to do. And that was why I went back the next morning, nerves on high alert, back to Harolds Tower, and held my breath as I pushed open the door to the stairwell. I listened as I descended, step by step. There was no one there. I made it down to the basement unobstructed by panting, thumping bodies of either gender. Files retrieved. I took my time – maybe hoping beyond hope that perhaps, on my way out, I’d pass a knowing smile and a wink as someone else came down. Nothing. I feigned a smile and ‘good mornings’ to everyone in my office, once I finished the walk back, and handed the…

Merry Christmas from the Vanderbilts
Art , Erotica / 30 January 2019

Once upon a time, a very naughty Miss Santa had two very eager elves to help take care of her package. Pictured from left to right, the Vanderbilt family: Sanneke DeJaegher, Jessica Vanderbilt, Jia Chen. Not pictured: Emily Menton (but you can see her stocking above the fireplace). Artwork courtesy of Dieleth.   Click image to display full-size.