21 September 2019
'Carnal Sins' book cover

Saraqael is a Dominion: an angel charged with punishing those of lesser But when Sara finds Naamah, patroness of prostitutes, in the shadows of a Catholic church, it is the gender-bending succubus who ends up on top!

1 December 2019
'Carnevale' Book Cover

The angel Saraqael and her succubus lover play hide and seek during Venetian Carnevale, and to the winner go the spoils. The City of Masks promises that there is always someone watching... and just maybe, someone ready to join in. Sequel to Carnal Sin.

23 September 2019
'Intensity' Book Cover

Sanneke's plan was to aggressively seduce her wife, just the way Jess liked. It's textbook -- until Jessica takes control to vent some aggression of her own.

18 November 2022

A tattoo appointment turns into a lesson in humility when a spoiled, pretty blond shows up at an inner-city studio and gets gangbanged by three men way below her league.