Rules of the Game (Part Two)

“Sandrijn. Sandrijn.”

Zhang had made good on his promise four hours after their encounter in the gym. Sanneke had returned from the seaside lunch with Jessica and the girls, dressed in a black spaghetti-strap tank top and a peach-pink skirt adorned with white hibiscus flowers. Jess had retired to catch up on email and check in on work while San entertained herself elsewhere. ‘Elsewhere’ meant one of the many long hallways that threaded together the various rooms, connecting bedrooms to kitchen to storeroom to gym. ‘Entertained’ meant headphones in and YouTube up, scanning for new musical releases as she walked off the faint buzz of her lunchtime margarita.

Or it had, before she’d spotted David coming down the hall towards her.

They didn’t say anything to each other: just a mutually held gaze and knowing smirks as the distance between them closed. She’d fully intended to keep walking and stride right past him to put his resolve to the test. She didn’t need to. Captain China hadn’t been shy about stopping her, wrapping those chiseled arms around her waist, and pushing her against the wall.

The encounter had been fast, frantic, and satisfying. His fly open; her dress pushed up around her hips; both of them locked lip to lip as he fucked her with the fervor of pent-up need. He came before she did, but was gentleman enough to power through and keep going until he brought her to a muffled and much-needed climax. Five minutes later they sealed the deal with a warm kiss and went their separate ways.

“Wake up, beautiful.”

That had been before dinner, and Sanneke hadn’t seen him since. The thrill of the affair kept her in high spirits through her evening meal and had her practically humming for the rest of the night. Jess, as usual, had been oblivious. When it’d come time for bed, Jessica and Jia — the third partner of the household — had retreated to the bedroom, while Sanneke slept alone.  The trio weren’t strangers to sharing a bed, but sometimes the best attention was one-on-one.


The mattress shifted underneath her legs, and the movement finally roused her to dim awareness. Warmth against her bare calves. Hands sliding up her legs. She murmured a small, subvocal sound as the familiar feeling of a body settled between her knees. She could feel the indentation of a hand near her head, and Sanneke’s lips curved in a sleepy smile as she felt Jessica’s mouth meet hers. She curled her arms upwards to bury her fingers in her wife’s long, wavy black hair… only to find there wasn’t any.

Sanneke’s eyes flew open; she broke the kiss and pulled away with a suck of surprised breath. There was hair, yes, and black hair, but it was short and straight. David Zhang’s visage greeted her, grinning down like a Siamese cat.

“Ah, there you are!”

“Jesus! I thought you were Jessica,” she hissed at him, once her heart found its rhythm again. “What are you doing?”

He answered that by easing her legs up to bend at the knees, still smirking down at her. He was shirtless, but the room was too dark to see anything but hints and outlines of his muscular body. Sanneke usually slept in either an oversized t-shirt or nothing at all.  Tonight it was the former: a long, soft grey cotton t-shirt emblazoned with the ‘Club Bed’ logo, featuring DJ Pillow, and nothing underneath. It slid up her hips as her legs were raised.

“Are you–” Her thoughts fought to climb out of the fog of sleep. “What time is it??”

He slid her knees over his shoulders; she made a sound of discomfort as he leaned in to press them towards her chest. The pieces of reality were starting to fit together again, and she realized what a very compromising position she was in. Her attempt to move was weak and uncoordinated, especially with close to two hundred pounds of masculine muscle in the way. Zhang chuckled as she squirmed. “About two a.m., give or take.”

“Two a.m.!”

“Mm-hmm.” He adjusted, too. His sleep pants had already been discarded at the foot of the bed; it was the only thing he’d worn on his journey from his room to hers. Now his cock, already hard from tugging himself, rested heavy and ready atop her small patch of curls. He slipped one hand down to the shaft and eased the head along her velvet sex. “Which gives me…. oh, three, four hours, I think?”

The sensation snapped the world into focus. The memory of their hallway tryst flooded back in precision detail, and her body blushed with heat.  Anticipation of an encore curled deep in her stomach; she bit her lip as he continued the slow stroke of his tip along her slit.  “I meant while I was awake,” Sanneke managed as her hands slid over his shoulders. “Jessica is literally next door!”

“A deal’s a deal,” he murmured with that sly, charming smile. “You are awake. And she’s asleep.”

He pushed in slow but firm, steadying himself with his hand until he felt the resistance of her body yield. She tensed in reflex, but the position she was in gave little other option than to let him in. She was barely wet – just enough slickness for the rest of him to sink inside. Inch by inch he was surrounded and squeezed by hot, silken flesh. Zhang released a breath he hadn’t intended to hold and heard her do the same. The tension leaked out of her once he was completely inside. Once he was deep enough, he leaned forward, pressed her thighs against her chest, and kissed her again.

“… bastard,” she whispered when he pulled away, but the hushed word was warm with approval.

He hummed another agreement as he started to move on top of her. His forearms braced to either side of her shoulders. The motions were smooth and leisurely — he wasn’t in a hurry. He had her all night, and planned on making the most of it.

A third kiss; his tongue slipped between her lips when they parted. Sanneke’s eyes drifted closed again as the tip of her own tongue met his. She still wasn’t completely awake, and the sensation of him between her legs for the third time that day was oddly surreal. Part of her wanted to slip back into sleep and enjoy the half-conscious pleasure without rational thought interfering. The other part was so very aware of exactly how he felt, how confident he was, and how little sleep she was going to get tonight.

The bed creaked in subdued accompaniment underneath them. It sounded loud in the darkness of the room, but she knew wouldn’t carry past the walls. Sanneke wrapped her hands around his forearms. Her teeth caught and held his lower lip as they moved together. He gave a deep, baritone chuckle and never missed a stroke.

“I’m going to start thinking you like this,” he whispered.

“You’re arrogant,” she accused quietly in return.

“Doesn’t mean I’m wrong.” The steady rhythm of his slow, deep thrusts continued; this time his kiss was aimed lower, and his lips closed around a dusky pink-brown nipple. Sanneke’s breath caught; when he sucked it over the edge of his teeth, she let out a soft groan.

“… so what, if I do?”

“Then we should make this a regular thing.”

Her eyes opened again, just slivers of ocean blue against nighttime black. “We can’t do that.”

“Sure we can.” He paused as he traded mouth for hand, cupped her breast, and squeezed. His breath was starting to come heavier, and his strokes just a little bit quicker. “… play with yourself, Sanneke.”

Normally the tone of command would have made her balk. Normally she didn’t tolerate being given orders, not even in sex — especially not in sex — save for when they came from her wife. Tonight, though, was not a normal night. As his mouth dipped down and explored the side of her neck with soft bites and an eager tongue, her hand threaded its way down between their bodies. Her fingertips gliding over her clit send an electric pulse rippling through her nerves.

“Jess would never tolerate me having a boyfriend.”

“Boyfriend?” He laughed quietly. “I don’t want to be your boyfriend. I’m a shit boyfriend.”

“You just want to fuck me?”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

His lips found hers again after a trail of kisses that led over her jaw to the corner of her mouth; her lips were parted in quiet, panting breath and his tongue found easy entrance to slide inside. His hips pulsed against hers; the tempo of his thrusts had doubled. What had once been easy conversation was now broken into rushed bursts of speech between heavy breaths. She held onto his arm with one hand as her other drew quick, tight circles around the ruby nub between her folds.

“We both want this,” he continued, whispered. “We just keep up the game. You visit; if we get the chance, we fuck.”

It sounded reasonable. It sounded fantastic. She didn’t visit the island often; maybe once or twice a year. Enough to keep things very interesting.

The headboard thumped against the wall – then a second time, and a third. The wall to the bedroom where her wife and other girlfriend were sleeping. Sanneke’s eyes widened in alarm, but Zhang adjusted as soon as he realized the threat. He reared back to sit back on his ankles and pulled her up with him; she ended up in his lap. Her knees slipped off his shoulders; he caught them in the crook of his elbows. Within seconds he had a firm grip on her again and picked back up his rhythm, now bouncing her up and down over the length of his cock.

Sanneke clung to him with one arm wrapped around the back of his neck; her mouth dropped open in a half-pained, half-ecstatic ‘O’. The slap of their bodies mixed with wet squelching, gritted-teeth grunts and heavy panting.  Every flick of her fingers over her clit sent flames through her; her sex squeezed and tightened, and Zhang’s member driving in and out of her hurt in the best of ways.

She was moaning. She didn’t even notice until it was loud enough to be dangerous. She couldn’t stop — she was too close to the edge. She didn’t want to stop. Instead she buried her face against his neck and muffled herself on his tanned skin. Her hand still worked frantically between her thighs.

Sanneke came with a long, shuddering cry against his shoulder, and a pulsing wave of tension and release that rippled through her core. An explosion of tiny lights behind her eyes, mimicked by bursts of heat and relief along every nerve. Her fingers stopped moving, but David didn’t. He doubled down on his effort, slamming home in rapid-fire staccato, trying his best catch up and climax with her.

It worked. The squeeze and friction of her body around his length, along with the sounds of her pleasure in his ear, gave him that last edge he needed. She was still trembling and trying to catch her breath when he hilted in one last time and, with a final, satisfied groan, spent himself inside her. He hadn’t bothered with a condom, since she’d said she had birth control. They both enjoyed it raw.

“Jesus,” she whispered, her voice as limp and shaky as her muscles. “That– that was incredible.”

He laughed quietly. “Keep calling me Jesus and I’m going to get a big head.”

A weak but pleased smile. “Oh, it’s already big,” she promised.

“Which one?”

“Both.” She nuzzled against his sweat-damp skin, eyes closed, and listened to the pounding of both their heartbeats. Little by little, the shivering subsided and her pulse began to slow.

“So… game keeps going?” he prompted.

She huffed with amusement. “Fine. Yes. but I reserve the right to change the rules.”

“Of course,” David agreed easily, as he began to lower her back down to the mattress. “Have to keep it interesting.”

… and then he started again, slow but still erect and ready. Sanneke caught her breath as she felt it. It was impossible to miss. His hips ground in an easy, self-assured motion that promised he was nowhere near tapped out for the night.

“Is having me three times in a day not enough for you, David?”

The corner of his mouth curled up in amusement. “Still eight hours before you leave.”

“I do need to sleep at some point, you know.”

He gave a carefree shrug of his broad shoulders, smiling down at her with boyish ease. “You can sleep on the plane.”

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