Rules of the Game (Part One)

David Zhang was a well-built man of Chinese ancestry, with emphasis on the ‘built’. Just shy of 5’7”, he was short by Western standards but his muscles made him anything but small. Life on Christmas Island had been good to him, and daily routines of jogging, weight lifting, and physical labor had transformed the once-average man into an impressive chiseled physique. Jia had jokingly once referred to him as China’s answer to Captain America, and the analogy was definitely apt.

He grinned at her with that boyish smile as he circled her, both hands raised in a loose fighter’s stance. Every time he threw a punch those muscles tensed and flexed, and the lines of his biceps, triceps, and pecs looked like they were carved in marble. He was shirtless and sweating, which gave Sanneke not only a beautiful view of every ‘can’ of his six-pack abs but also highlighted the dips and curves of his body with a shimmer of exertion. It made it hard for her to concentrate.

He threw a left hook at her head, and she ducked out of the way before jabbing a quick one-two at his stomach. It was like hitting a steel door. Sanneke darted to  the side and aimed her next two to his head. The first one connected: a glancing blow across his cheek. The second one he deflected with a outward palm block that morphed into a grab. As his hand closed around her wrist she continued the movement, bent her arm at the elbow, and aimed that at his face instead. Zhang jerked his head away but kept his grip strong; the rotation of her movement twisted her far enough to expose her back, and he took advantage of the mistake. He locked her striking arm across her chest and anchored his other arm around her waist. The move pinned her in place, wrapped against his body.

“Over-rotated,” he informed her in a breathless voice, still smiling like an overgrown Boy Scout.

“I’m tired,” she shot back as she tried to look over her shoulder. Her damp chestnut hair blocked the view; she tossed her head with as much imperiousness as she could muster. “We’ve been at this for an hour.”

“It’s good for your stamina. Give up?”

Give up was not in Sanneke’s vocabulary. She nodded — and then jabbed the heel of her foot into his shin, pushed his arm away from her chest as hard as she could, and tried to slip out. She succeeded marvelously on both fronts; a feral smile split her lips at his curse of pain. He still had an arm around her waist, though, and freedom was fleeting. He hooked an ankle around hers, hauled her backwards by her hips, and twisted. The throw sent her airborne and slamming to the gym floor in the space of a second. He was on her just as fast, twisting her into a judo armbar, and soon Sanneke was frantically tapping her palm against the mat for mercy.

The pressure and pain eased. He let her elbow bend in the proper direction again, and this time lifted her hand to his lips.

“Give up?” he repeated, his smile tactile against her skin.

She nodded, this time sincere, and lay there panting and aching as her heart started to slow. His lips paid homage to the back of each finger. She didn’t open her eyes again until he laid her hand back on her stomach and she heard him start to move. The sight of him leaning over her made it almost worth the bruises.

“You’re a bastard,” she replied.

He lifted his shoulders in a carefree shrug and didn’t contest the label. “It’s why you like me.”

And she didn’t contest that, as he pressed a leg between hers and settled between her thighs. She didn’t resist, despite his lack of asking permission. A confident man was incredibly sexy, and Zhang had confidence in spades.

“Are we moving on to grappling?” she challenged. Her dark blue eyes held his rich almond brown. They’d flirted and traded suggestive comments for most of the week, but this would be the first time there was anything more than a brush of fingertips against forbidden flesh.

“If you don’t mind losing,” he returned with a smirk.

“I fight dirty.”

“And that is why I like you.”

Her lips tilted in mirror amusement. He took it as, if not a ‘green light’, at least not ‘red’. David leaned forward, his palms supporting him as he began to settle down atop her, body to body. He smelled like hard work and exertion, both of which she could appreciate in a very primal way.

“…is that your knee, Mr. Zhang?” she asked, lifting an eyebrow against his ever-present cheerful smile.


She shifted her leg. “That.”


They were chest to chest now: his slick skin against the thin quick-dry fabric of her sports bra. Between where the bra ended and the waistband of her shorts began, she could feel the hot burn of flesh against flesh. Zhang wore sweatpants, and she could feel the tell-tale press of masculine anatomy against her thigh. Her hands floated towards his arms; her fingertips traced over the rock-solid bulges before splaying out wide over his tanned chest.

“Not worried about my wife seeing you between my legs?” she murmured as her finger traced the bottom curve of a very developed pec.

“Not if you aren’t. The risk is half the fun, sugar.” One of his hands lifted from the mat and moved to her flank.  It followed the curve of her waist until he could cup a Lycra-bound breast. “And I’m betting if you thought she’d object, you’d let me know.”

“She doesn’t mind me fucking other people, but I don’t think she’d want to see it.”

“Then let’s hope she doesn’t walk in.” His hand was pleasantly calloused as he freed her breast from beneath the sports bra. A moment later his lips sealed around her nipple, and Sanneke let out a soft breath of enjoyment. Her hands roamed up his back and threaded fingers into his short black hair.

“One condition…” she breathed. The rumble of his curiosity vibrated through her body. He palmed her other breast as he suckled on the one, taking as much advantage as she allowed. “I like it rough.”

Mirth curved his lips around the tip of her breast. He shifted his mouth to her other peak, and his hand eased a path down the center of her stomach. Her breath caught as his fingertips slipped beneath her waistband. She was already slick along the inner folds of her lips; his fingers parted them easily.

“And one problem, sweetheart,” he murmured back in a low baritone.

Sanneke’s mouth was parted as well, and she watched him with bright, hungry eyes as he began to stroke her sex. One of her hands stayed tucked in his short obsidian hair; the other traveled over the hard expanse of his abdomen. “Oh?”

“I don’t have a condom on me.”

Her fingers reached his cotton sweatpants, and the hidden pressure of his member where it lay against her thigh. They curled around the uppermost inch as she arched up to brush a kiss across his lips. “That’s not a problem.”

“On the pill?”

“Something like that.”

He didn’t press the question. Instead, he leaned into the kiss and pushed a finger into her. Her hum of approval caught in her throat; it darted an octave higher when he added a second. She was wet enough to take it, but his fingers were larger and thicker than her usual feminine lovers. When she broke the kiss and pulled away to fix him with a smoldering gaze, it was clear that ‘pain’ didn’t mean disapproval.

He kissed her again and used his weight to press her down into the padded mat of the gym floor. Now that the small-talk was over, neither of them was afraid to move things along. She finally released the hold on Zhang’s hair and moved to caress those powerful, rock-hard shoulders. Beneath the loose red fabric of his gym pants, her other hand explored something almost as firm. She could feel the outline of his shaft under the light-weight material, held in place by the snug fit of his boxers. He packed upwards, and it gave her a beautiful, long path of exploration from the slightly thicker tip down to the weight of his balls.

His fingers retracted and pushed in again; Sanneke held his gaze and bit her lip, squeezing his cock in echo of the motion. They watched each other in silence, their faces only inches apart. Micro-expressions: the subtle widening of pupils; lips parting to draw in breath; the tightening of a jaw, or unconscious touch of tongue against teeth. Each slow stroke of penetration eased him deeper and pushed the breath out of her lungs. She wasn’t a stranger to the other sex, but years of female lovers had dimmed the memory of just how different men could be.

Her knees parted wide as his tempo began to quicken, and her teeth caught the edge of her lip as she stared up at him. She released him long enough to slip her hand down washboard abs and under his waistband. The hot realness of his cock, flesh to flesh, sent a lance of lust through her. As much as she loved her wife’s strap-on, it wasn’t the real thing.

“Is it true what they say about Asian men?” she whispered as she slid the palm of her hand down his length.

“Never had one?”

“Hmm-mm. Black, white, brown…”

His fingers withdrew. Still slick with her honey, they hooked in the waistband of her Adidas shorts; he sat up long enough to yank them down and off. Her legs were smooth and blessed by a love of summer sun. The higher they went, the paler they became, but the lack of tan lines suggested just how bold she could be. Between her thighs she maintained a small patch of brown curls. It was her private flag of pride in her age, even nearing forty: that she was a woman, not a girl.

He tugged his workout pants down as well, and Sanneke’s eyes followed as they sagged down his slender hips. He was at full mast, jutting proudly from the groomed mass of short, black pubic hair. A tan line below his navel betrayed which parts of him regularly saw the sun. He was uncut.  And from what she could see, if David Zhang was an average example then the rumors about Asian endowments were definitely untrue.

He leaned over her again and settled between her thighs. Without clothing between them, the contact was electric erotic. “Never imagined I’d be your first,” he teased.

“You won’t be my last,” she tossed back. Her hands slid over his Captain America chest, this time kissing it with the scratch of her nails. The weight of him, the strength, the pungent scent of sweat and body, was a sensory aphrodisiac. A quiver raced through her stomach as the helmet tip of his member slid down her slick slit and took aim.

“That’s fine. I’m the one fucking you right now.”

He made his point with a swift and hard thrust. In the space of a second the mix of tension, pain, and pleasure flashed like lightning from her sex out to every nerve. His cock spread her open and stretched her, forcing her to take as much as he gave. Sanneke let out a gasp of sweet, sharp hurt. Her nails curled into bronzed skin and carved crescents in revenge. Zhang half-grunted, half-laughed, and his Boy Scout smile took on a rakish tilt. It didn’t faze him, and by the time Sanneke managed to draw a second breath, he’d buried himself in deep.


“I was trying for ‘oh god’.” His arm curled beneath the back of her neck for extra leverage. His lips found her throat; so did his teeth. “How rough do you want it?”

She sucked in another open-mouthed gasp; a whine of protest escaped when she exhaled. “No marks. Nothing I can’t explain as sparring practice.”

He swiped his tongue across the bite mark. It hadn’t broken skin, but with a little coaxing it would leave a hell of a hickey. He was willing to sacrifice that small pleasure, though, when he was already balls deep and just getting started. “Anything else?”

“No anal.”

He nodded, and they both understood the conversation was over. His free hand pressed into the mat next to her breast; she looped hers around the back of his neck and urged him down to meet her lips. The kiss sparked with the thrill of the illicit: a married woman straying, taking it raw from a man almost a stranger. The gym wasn’t locked — their only protection against being walked in on was Jessica’s dislike of anything resembling exercise.

Zhang picked up a hard and unapologetic tempo; neither of them was here for romantic foreplay. Each sharp thrust aimed to bottom out in her pussy, and the expression on her face said he was succeeding. Her mouth had dropped into a beautiful round ‘O’, and lines of pain knit her across her forehead. Her breath rushed out in rhythmic, high pitched whimpers that were anything but a complaint.

The slap of body against body echoed through the room. Sanneke was so wet that it dripped down between her thighs and dotted the rubber mat beneath. She tried to grit her teeth as he pounded her, but the way he robbed her of breath kept her mouth open and gasping. Every spear of his hips made her wince, but the kiss of pain made pleasure all the sweeter. She rewarded him by dragging both hands, nails bared, down his back. He hissed as the scratches reddened his skin.

“You said no marks.”

“Not on me.”

His eyes narrowed, but his grin was appreciative. “Guess I’ll go for ‘internal bruises’, then.”

She laughed — until he sat up and changed angles. He slid his arms under her knees and hauled her legs up to hook them over his shoulders. Now when he leaned forward his hands braced on either side of her head, and his torso forced her thighs to her chest. And then that punishing, virile rhythm sped into double time.

“Jesu– Jesus, fuck!” She writhed underneath him. At first it was to try to escape the stabbing pressure, but more and more the buck of her body fell into sync. Soon she met thrust for thrust, her teeth now bared in a feral grimace.  He grinned back, fierce and joyful, and never broke his stride.

And then her phone rang.

“Shit. Wait–”

Her phone was still in her shorts, zippered into a pocket.  Her wife’s personalized ringtone danced through the air.

“Ignore it,” Zhang demanded.

“I– I can’t!” She could barely form a sentence as he fucked her. The words escaped one at a time between thrusts, fleeing on what little breath she had. “That’s– Jess– ica!”

The cell phone’s song went quiet, then began again as Jessica called a second time. The Chinese man growled down at her. They only needed five more minutes… but he wasn’t going to jeopardize a chance at a repeat performance by pissing off a wife who was willing to look the other way. He forced himself to pull out:  wet, rock hard, and still throbbing.

San flashed him a shaking, grateful smile, splashed with more than a little ‘apologetic’. With a quick sit and twist, she retrieved her workout shorts and managed to get the zipper open just as the third phone call started to ring.

“Hello?” She glanced at Zhang, who was sitting back on his haunches and trying to catch his breath. The pose was unintentionally Adonic. She stared with open admiration, until Jessica’s voice called her back. “What? No, no. No, I’m sorry. My phone was across the room. We were sparring. I’m out of breath.”

Jessica would still get the details later, but ‘over the phone’ wasn’t how Sanneke wanted to tell her. That was much better done in person, when Sanneke could kneel at her feet, kiss her way up pale thighs, and let her wife imagine that she was the one riding Sanneke deep and hard.

“Of course, darling; what time? And it’s…? Right. Sure.” Another glance at her still-erect lover, who was now on his feet and walking towards her, holding his red cotton pants up at mid-thigh. “I’ll take a quick shower. Pick out what you’d like me to wear? Thank you, beautiful. I love you. Bye-bye.”

She thumbed the red button on the screen. When she looked up again, David was directly in front of her, smirking, and one hand on his glistening shaft.

“That sounded like we’re finished,” he said.

“For now,” she admitted… before reaching up to curl her fingers around his length as well. She was still on her knees, and at the perfect height. She leaned in, lips parting, and ran her tongue along the underside in a teasing stroke. When he groaned and tried to push the engorged head past her lips, she pulled away. “I can’t. Jess wants to go into the city and do lunch. We’re leaving in thirty minutes.”

“It won’t take me thirty minutes,” he promised. “Don’t tell me you weren’t loving every second of that.”

“Oh, I was,” she breathed, letting the words brush over his cock while she grinned up at him. “Tell you what, love: I’ll make it up to you.”

“How? Your flight leaves tomorrow morning.”

“Mm. True… shall we make it interesting, then? A bit of a game?”

He started to stroke himself again, just inches away from her face. He was still lubed with her nectar; even with a firm grip his hand slid up and down like smooth silk. He bit his lip as he quickened pace, watching the half-clothed woman at his feet. “I’m listening.”

“I get dressed. I go shower. I have lunch with Jess. And after that…”

His body was racing back up to that edge, and his hand pistoned rapid-fire to to keep pace. He aimed it at her face. She didn’t move, and her look of hunger never wavered.  “After that…” he echoed.

“If you can get me alone, unseen, long enough to get me off… then you can have me.” Her mouth hovered over the head of his cock.  Her eyes never broke from his. “Deal?” she murmured, before closing her lips around the tip for one last taste.

It was the last push he needed; he groaned as he came. His hand clenched down and squeezed, and the jet of cum splashed the roof of her mouth and back of her tongue. Sanneke suckled him and took the load as it came, swallowing it down bit by bit. Once the spurts ebbed to the dribble of salt-musk semen, she released him with a satisfied she-cat smile.

“… deal,” he agreed, once he caught his breath.  He reached down to offer his hands to help her to her fee and kissed her full on the mouth once she stood. “Hope you know what you just signed up for.”

“I’m not going to make it easy for you. You still have to work around Jess.”

“Trust me: I’ll find a way.”

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